Archive Space sadly regrets to inform our audience that our time at 5 Eliza Street, the space we currently occupy, is drawing to a close. This will be effective as of the end of September. The building we occupy is undergoing operational changes, and our project no longer fits within the scope of plans for the building moving forward.

The Archive_ project started as an experiment. However, it was the enthusiasm of all our participants that carried Archive_ forward from these small beginnings. It has evolved into something we believe to be substantial, and in that we take great pride. 

In this time, we have documented and dissected all the exhibitions that have occurred. We anticipate that the online archive, which has been developing as an integral part of the Archive_ project, will continue to serve the community as a resource and inspiration for artists, particularly emerging artists. We would like to express our immense gratitude to all those who have been involved, including artists, writers, documenters, mentors, friends and audience members. 

We still have great shows lined up for the next few months, so please come down for our final exhibition openings (now taking place on Saturday afternoons) and support our artists.

Much love, 

(August 2015)

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