Archive_ is an artist run initiative and project space in Newtown, Sydney that aims to record emerging and experimental artistic and curatorial practices, with an emphasis on providing an accessible space, both physical and digital, for ideas, exchange and collaboration. The primary function of the space is to cultivate discussion around the art, performances and happenings that take part here. The work that is presented is documented with the intention of creating a digital archive that examines the visual language of the here and now. This online archive serves as an extension of the physical project space and presents the thoughts, practices and manifestations of the local artists, preserved at the time of writing and into the future.


The project currently comprises of four parts: a year round Exhibition Program including our new Dark_ Program, accompanying Writers Program and various special projects including studio residencies, independently published booklets and curated shows.

In November 2014, Archive_ launched a new initiative, Dark_ located in the newly acquired second space behind, and physically accessed through, Archive_. The gallery space is ideal for and focussed towards providing an alternative project space for new media and light based works and installations that require a darkened space. 


Archive_ is currently coordinated by a group of volunteer artists & writers who include Jack Condon, Dan Connell, Rebecca Gallo, David Greenhalgh, Luke Letourneau, Katriona McLaughlin and Lisa Sammut. 

Former coordinators at Archive_ include Pat Cremin, Sarah Kukathas, Lauren Carroll Harris & Jack Stahel. 



5 Eliza Street Newtown NSW 2050

Thursday & Friday 2-6pm + Saturday 10-4pm

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