Archive Space was an artist run initiative, that was successfully shut down by their neighbours, a family who lived on a busy lane, between two pubs in the heart of Newtown- a suburb that became the partying epicentre of Sydney, after the Liberal Party enforced heavy-handed lockout laws that quickly gentrified Kings Cross. The neighbours, frustrated that once every third week, for two and half hours, a group of young people came together to exchange art and ideas over a beer or two, decided that it was their mission to contact Councillors, School of Art board members and other local authorities and leverage the end of this fledgling art space.

Throughout its existence, the gallery never relied on funding from outside institutions for its operation. The space only ran because:

1. The building was union owned and did not have expensive rent
2. The artists who showed there paid the rent + a small fee for tools
3. Patrons paid $2 for cans of cheap beer
4. Board members gave a huge amount of free labour, such was their dedication to the arts



5 Eliza Street Newtown NSW 2050

Thursday & Friday 2-6pm + Saturday 10-4pm

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